The wait is OVER! You finally get to relive an unforgettable day together and hopefully get a sneak peek into some of the moments you didn't get to see for yourself!

Thank you (x million) for trusting me and for letting me spend this day with y'all. Getting to have the front-row seat to your love for each other, be around your people, and watch the Lord's abundant kindness to you throughout the day was such a good and undeserved privilege.

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Raquel & Apostoli.00_00_24_07.Still003.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_00_32_13.Still005.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_00_33_14.Still006.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_01_23_12.Still011.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_01_45_06.Still012.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_02_07_15.Still013.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_03_14_21.Still016.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_03_23_10.Still017.j
Raquel & Apostoli.00_03_24_02.Still018.j

I hope you cherish this video for years to come! Make sure to download the video ASAP and save it to a safe place because it will not be online forever. Let me know if you have any questions.